Monday, January 30, 2012

::Crafts:: Life is Wonderful

I have been really loving Pinterest for a few months now and I have already used some of their pins for a couple crafts I have done. I did this one about a month ago and I highly recommend. It's super easy and relatively quick to complete. Sometime projects that linger over a couple days don't always get completed if you know what I mean.

This was the inspiration for my project (original post here):

I wanted to use a gallery wrap canvas so it would stand on it's own on a shelf of my entertainment center. I also wanted find a quote that means something to me or something I need to reflect on often. Sometimes in life I try so hard to make sure everything is just right that I lose sight of the big picture. I thought this quote would be a perfect reminder for myself.

Here are my supplies:
I downloaded this font at

I just traced the letters, let dry overnight, and glued them to the board with Mod Podge. I applied a decent layer of Mod Podge on the canvas and arranged the letters how I liked. Once the canvas dried a bit, I painted a layer of the Mod Podge over the letters as well.

I loved the look of the white but thought it would be pretty harsh against my dark entertainment center. Therefore I went with an ivory spray. Here is the finished product.

I'd highly recommend you be consistent in your brush strokes with the glue as they do show through. Also as a suggestion (if you are extremely anal like me), use a ruler and pencil marks to make sure your letters are straight. The paint covered the pencil marks with two coats. 

I think this is an easy craft for any level and it's great because you pick the quote and it's something personal.

Have a great week all!

:-) Mere

Saturday, January 28, 2012

::Concert:: Zac Brown Band

Hey Ya'll. I am not usually one to use that term but after rocking out to Zac Brown last night, I think it's appropriate! Last night my husband, Ted, and I along with my sister, Allie, and her boyfriend, Nick, all went to the Zac Brown Concert! I loved it! We had floor seats which I mistakenly thought were actually seats, they were instead standing room only. I would have loved to sit at least in the beginning and during the act changes but you can't win them all, it just meant my planned run for this morning has to wait.

The concert opening acts were Nic Cowan and Sonia Leigh. I hadn't heard the music of either of these but quickly fell in love with Sonia Leigh. She isn't the typical country artist but I think that's why I loved it. Definitely check out some of her songs.

Zac Brown played for a long time and thankfully played my favorite song, Colder Weather! Here are some pics from the night.

Any country music fans out there?? If so this concert is a must!!

Have a great weekend!

:-) Mere!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Welcome to Paradise!

Welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere. I just wanted to give you a little “about me” introduction and tell you I am so happy and thankful you have decided to stop by. I am an (almost) 30-something living and loving life. I am married to my high school sweetheart and we are both Florida born and raised which means we love anything having to do with sunshine and summertime. I am an accountant at a fashion retailer and my husband, Ted, is a project manager for a general commercial contractor. We have a Boston Terrier named Fitzgerald who, at the moment, is the only child in our family and acts accordingly. I have a large family and I love spending time with my siblings and their kids!

I like to think I am a jack of all trades (master of none) when it comes to hobbies and interests. I love running and am currently training for my second half marathon. I love cooking and baking and have hopes of one day opening my own bakery or cafĂ©. I love crafting, scrapbooking, and DIY-ing as much as possible. I am addicted to TV and love my Tivo more than any other electronic device in our home---I will always entertain talk about tv shows. I love to read and I am constantly looking for new and exciting reads.

I hope you will stick around and follow me on this adventure I call life.