Wednesday, December 9, 2015

::Macie:: Nine Months


We had Macie's nine month check up and she weighed 19 lbs 3.5 oz. She's a touch heavier than Henley was at this age but for the most part, their stats are pretty close. She's defintely feeling heavier these days!


There definitely has been something floating around the daycare and our house. Both girls have had colds and runny noses for a while now. Macie's seemed to be clearing up but came day in the last day or so. I'm thinking some of this could be related to teething though too.


We've gotten into a bad trend lately and I'm ready for some improvement. Macie has started waking up multiple times between when I put her down and around 11:00. I am grateful that these wakeups happen while I'm still awake but it makes for an exhausting night. Once we go to bed, she does seem to have a good night, waking once usually sometime between 3-5.


We have recently started creeping into the 12M clothes this month. She is wearing mostly 9M still but I've been able to grab some t-shirts out of the 12M box I'm super excited for these clothes, they were some of my favorites from when Henley wore them. We had some fun with hats when going through the box, or I had fun I should probably say.


I have GREAT news----dairy is back in my life! After nine long months, I'm drinking milk with no issues and Macie is eating yogurt. It's almost too good to be true. Macie has been loving solid foods lately. She even had mashed potatoes and dressing on Thanksgiving. It's such a relief that she has been eating foods and having minimal belly issues. Thank God!


I'm still nursing and pumping during the day. In the last month or so, I've been having a dip in supply and haven't been able to pump enough for 2 bottles. I've been pumping in the morning and nursing at noon and in the afternoon. It seems to be working as long as my work schedule permits. I only have 2 bags of frozen milk so that is a little nerve wracking. On the up side though, we go the ok from the pediatrician to start adding 2-3 oz of whole milk into her diet which will help with the breastmilk shortfall I'm having.


The biggest crying issue we have right now is the bedtime battle. She cries and isn't interested in anyone else but me. She just wants to nurse, then have her paci for 3 minutes, then nurse again, and on and on.

She gets a little fussy here and there but in comparison to 2 month old Macie, 9 month Macie is a saint!

Baby Gear Love

We bought Macie a walker and she loves it. She mostly uses it outside and she zooms all around the garage and the driveway.

She's also been loving the Cozy Coupe. Her and Daddy have been taking walks on the weekends. She holds on to the steering wheel, cruising around.


This month Macie had her first Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving. She also got to see Santa!

Had some fun at the park too---check out that hair!!


Crawling!! After 9 months she is finally crawling. She's also pulling up on everything and standing. She's even gone 5-10 standing without holding on. She's done a few steps with the walker too. Now that she is mobile she is so much happier. Even the daycare described her as a whole new baby.

She also got 2 teeth this month!!

Big Sister Love

Macie is starting to laugh at Henley and Henley loves it. I can already see the love they have for each other.

Thanks for reading----Mere :-)