Saturday, October 10, 2015

::Macie:: Seven Months


We went to Macie's 6 month appointment this month and she weighed 15 lbs and was 25 inches long She's almost doubled her birth weight. She is in the 48th percentile for weight and 43rd for height.


Macie had a cold this month that seemed to last forever. Big Sister Henley had one too. She has some serious green boogers and had her first fever. Macie seems to get sick a lot less than Henley did, I wonder if it's because she has had Henley at home since birth (toddlers are germy little things!). She started feeling better about a week ago.

Snotty little thing


After last month of terrible sleep, I cut back on food to see if that was the culprit. Since then she's been sleeping great, waking only once to eat some nights and sleeping through the night other nights. I'm not used to having a good sleeper, Macie even puts herself to sleep for naps as well----I just lay her down awake and she passes out pretty quickly. I love it!


We've started putting Macie in 9 month clothing this month. We don't have a ton of clothing from Henley in this size, I'm thinking most things are probably with her 12 month clothing since a lot of companies make 6-12M instead of 9.


This month we cut out all solid food since her stomach didn't seem to handle it. We've just gone back to strictly breastmilk and her stomach issues seem better. I'm planning to try some baby led weaning next month and see if that is an easier way to ease into solids. I'm thinking letting her control the amount she ingest versus me spooning purees might work better.


Macie is pretty mellow with crying, such a different story from the beginning. She definitely knows what she wants and responds with tears if we don't oblige in a timely manner. She also is showing us she has a little bit of a temper. Apparently some of the babies in the day care try to take her paci and she screams a high pitch scream and kicks her feet. (maybe she's a Reynolds' after all)

Baby Gear Love

The only thing I seem to be really getting use out of is the Tula. This carrier is amazing. I'm so tempted to get the toddler version for Henley, she loves being held, I just don't know if I would get my moneys worth.

Lifesaver while she was sick


This month we went on our first vacation to South Seas Resort. It was more like a staycation since its so close. It was great. The girls were so good. It was great to hang out and relax without anything else to distract

We also did a photoshoot with Brandy Rose Photography that was a fall theme. They came out great!! Love them so much.


Macie is sitting up great and even starting to try to pull up. She hasn't been able to pull on anything on her own but uses our hands to pull up often. She's not crawling at all and I don't think she will. She hates being on her belly and doesn't tolerate it, unless she is sleeping.

Big Sister Love

Henley has been so great as usual. She is so hilarious. She started dance this month---seriously the cutest! Here are some pictures from the month.