Wednesday, September 9, 2015

::Macie:: Six Months


No exact measurements for Macie but she's definitely growing. We go to the doctor for her six month check up in two weeks. 


Healthy baby for the most part. She had a little cold and we had to do the humidifier, steam, and vicks but thankfully it only lasted a few days.


Sleep has been okay, not great but not terrible. She's started waking 30-60 minutes after she goes to sleep which has really put a damper on my working out. She has been still going down between 7 and 7:30 and waking sometime before 10 then again around 3, typically awake for the day by 6.

(on a positive note, Henley is finally sleeping through the night most nights!)


Macie is still wearing 6 month clothing, finally took all of the 3 months out of the drawers and passed them onto a new mama that could use some. I think our days in the small Charlie Banana diapers are numbered. She is still wearing them at night with two liners but they feel pretty snug.


Breastfeeding has been going really well. I upped Macie's bottles to 5 ounces and my body has finally caught up and I'm pumping enough for the two bottles each day. 

We have also started solids. Macie loves banana. We also gave her some oatmeal and she liked it ok. We gave her apples one day last week and she had major tummy issues that night. I assume it wasn't a coincidence so we have been sticking with bananas. Planning to try sweet potatoes next week after our little vacation.


Macie is starting to cry when we walk away or leave the room. I hate this stage, makes me feel so bad. Luckily she isn't yet crying when I leave daycare so it's just when we are in the living room and go to the kitchen.

She really doesn't cry much, especially compared to when she was a newborn but I will say that she is sassy! She knows what she wants and is pretty impatient!

Baby Gear Love

Macie is finally playing with toys, I love it. She's really loving the stackable toys and anything that crinkles. She finally outgrew her sit-me-up so we've passed that along.

I also am loving our City Select stroller. I've been out shopping with both girls a few times and it's perfect. Henley will sit and Macie loves looking around. Best thing ever!


Mamas first trip alone shopping with both girls and Henley got to enjoy a little playtime.

We enjoyed lots of pool time with the family

And we matched our bestie Vivian


We are rolling consistently and best of all, Macie is sitting up like a pro! This has been such a blessing. She now will stay on the floor and just hang out, looking around and playing.

Big Sister Love

Here are some pictures of some sisterly love from the month.

This month has been so fun! I'm SO excited to see what this next month brings!

Mere :-)