Sunday, August 2, 2015

::Macie:: Five Months


We went to the doctor for Macie's 4 month check up last week and she weighed 15 lbs and was 25" long. (Big sister was 29 lbs and 35" tall). She is measuring almost exactly the same as Henley was at this age.


Besides an occasional runny nose, Macie has been very healthy. I count my blessings every day!


Sleep is starting to change a little bit. Macie is fully transitioned into the crib and is sleeping great in there. We tried the pack n play once but she was doing so great in the crib we decided to just go with that. She is still sleeping swaddled but I think that is going to have to end or change since she is starting to roll. 

A typical night for Macie is bedtime at 7 and she is out within minutes. A few times this past week she woke at 11 but that's new and hopefully not typical. She's also had a few nights of waking around 2. She always wakes for the day somewhere between 6 and 7. 

Her naps are becoming more erratic and she's not really falling asleep while we are out and about. She's too interested in everything that is going on. On a good day she sleep 1-2 hours in the morning and then a few short 30-45 minute naps in the afternoon. 


Macie is still wearing 6 month clothing and finally growing out of the remaining 3 months clothing. I think 9 month jammies are in the near future for us.

She's also rocking some of my favorite outfits from when Henley was little. This dress is one of my absolute favorites!!
She's in medium swaddlebee diapers. I love the small Charlie Bananas but she is starting to leak out of these even with two liners so I think we will need to jump to mediums soon.


Still enjoying mama's milk only (although I did let her suck on a banana the other day, she loved it). I am still dairy free and spoke to the doctor about it. He suggested trying yogurt and seeing how she does. I'm nervous to try but SO ready for dairy! I do eat cheese but she has definitely been sensitive to milk and yogurt.


She's starting to fuss a little more when we walk away from her and typically wants someone near. Daycare has commented about this often.

During the middle of the night or after naps when she wakes she doesn't cry, just lays in her bed and chats. It's seriously the cutest thing!

Baby Gear Love

She's still using the Fisher Price Sit Me Up daily but it's getting a little hard to get her chunky thighs out of it. We also use the Kick n Play mat every day.
Mom what are you doing? (watching me workout)

Macie is loving the Sofia teether and O-Ball toys  too.


July has been a great month. We started off the month with a July 4th BBQ with friends and Macie and her little friend Vivian hung out.

Aunt Tara and Gigi also came to visit this month.

We also went to the Children's Museum on a rainy weekend (it was packed! We weren't the only ones with that idea).

We also started using the big girl seat in the stroller!


Macie finally rolled over from belly to back. She was so nonchalant about it. She still hasn't gone from back to belly yet.

First time painting too!

Big Sister Love

Here are some pictures of some sisterly love from the month.

Already pulling big sister's hair!

It's been a great month! 

Mere :-)