Saturday, May 2, 2015

::Macie:: Two Months Old


Macie is definitely getting bigger but no official weight until we go to the doctor in a few weeks.


Macie has been really healthy as far as cold and viruses go. She got one little runny nose last week from big sister but honestly I'm surprised it took 8 weeks for her to catch something from the germy little toddler that is Henley. She's had little diaper rashes here and there but nothing that doesn't clear up within a day or two with our Earth Mama Bottom Balm.


Sleep has been going great so far. Typical nights usually start with bedtime somewhere between 7p-8p. She sleeps until about 1a-2a and nurses and then sleeps until around 5am to nurse. She is great about going back down after night time feedings. She's usually up for the day around 8am. 

She's been napping anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. I've been trying to follow the E.A.S.Y schedule which is eat, activity, sleep, then you (mom) time and I've been trying to keep her awake times no longer than two hour increments. When she stays awake longer than two hours, I notice her witching hour is way worse.

This past week she has loved sleeping on me, it's so sweet!


Macie is wearing 0-3 months in all of her clothing now but her sleepers are getting a little tight. She is definitely longer than her big sister was. I have been loving all of the sales on summer clothes. I've also been loving the coordinating outfits with Henley and Macie. I've been buying so many sets for the girls.


Macie is nursing like a champ. After a clogged duct and a bout of mastitis, I suspected I had an oversupply. I stopped pumping for my stash and started block feeding. I was nursing lying back so Macie wasn't getting too much milk flow. I think it's helped immensely and I feel like my milk has regulated to a normal level.  I'm still eliminating all dairy from my diet but I'm hoping to start reintroducing it soon. 


In my post last month, I mentioned that were we battling potential colic and reflux issues and Macie was crying the majority of her awake time. 
This was an exceptionally bad day before we started Zantac

I took her to the doctor and explained to him these things. He said that it's hard to really pinpoint reflux and said I could try the Zantac to see if we see improvement. She's been on the Zantac for a month now and I have to say we have see major improvement. Macie's daytimes are much better. She still has bad days here and there but for the most part, day time has been really great. She has a witching hour anywhere between 4-7p about 60% of the time and I have to rock her with loud white noise or put her in the Tula carrier. Sometimes she just wants to be held but that's totally expected with a newborn. 

There are some nights where I get overwhelmed or frustrated but we are in a much better place than we were at one month.

Baby Gear Love

Just like with Henley, we are loving the Rock n Play sleeper. She sleeps great in it and I think the incline really helps with any reflux she is having. 

I also really love our City Select Stroller. It moves and maneuvers so well. I also love all of the storage space. We've purchased 4 strollers since having Henley and this one is totally worth the money, wish we would have went straight to this one. 

Macie has also been hanging out in the Snuggle Bunny Swing, we've gotten a few naps in that have lasted a good 30 minutes.


This month we have been back to business as usual. Macie and I have joined some friends for lunch, we've been shopping, and we went to the doctor for Mama's 6 week checkup. We also went with big sister for a playdate.

Macie celebrated Easter with all of our families too. She slept through the Easter Egg hunt and most of lunch but it was still a really great day. 

Macie also took her first roadtrip to Boca Raton. My best friend Heather got married and all of us with my mom went to the other coast for the rehersal and wedding. Henley was the flower girl and I was a bridesmaid. 


Macie is smiling and cooing a ton. She is also holding her head up great and has developed some serious leg strength. 


I am feeling awesome! I have healed so much better this time. I started a eating and workout program called the 21 day fix and have seen awesome results, The gist of the program is portion control and daily 30 minute workouts coupled with Shakeology (which is a nutrient packed protein shake). So far I am totally in love with this and I cannot wait to share!

Big Sister Love

Henley is still so, so great with Macie. I love seeing them together. She is gentle and caring and super helpful!!

This month has gotten better but honestly I am looking forward to when Macie is 100% better and happy. We are getting there, just have to keep praying!!

Mere :-)