Monday, October 17, 2016

::Disney:: October Trip Recap

It's Monday night and we are back from our long weekend at Disney. Overall the trip was amazing. It was filled with characters, princesses, and lots of little girl smiles.

We started the weekend at Epcot for some Food and Wine fun. Going in I knew this was going to be more fun for the grown ups but the littles had fun too. My brother met us there with his kids so Henley was totally content with that alone.

My first stop was to get the Dole Pineapple whip with Coconut Rum. It did not disappoint.

We went halfway around the world and got to try quite a bit. I think you'd need to do a few separate visits to be able to try everything without getting drunk or stuffed.

The girls did get to meet Anna and Elsa which was super cute and exciting. Even though Macie talks about Elsa all day long, she was a little shy when we got up close to her.

That night we ate dinner in Disney Springs and got to meet up with my sister. The girls got to ride the carousel and mama got cake pops! Seriously, prob in the top 5 for reasons I go to Disney (the girls weren't complaining either)

Saturday morning was spent in Magic Kingdom. Meeting a few characters and riding some rides. Macie was so cute, signing for "more" when a ride would finish that she liked.

We left the park around noon to get naps in and rest before the Halloween Party. We were able to squeeze a little pool time in too.

And finally, last night was the Halloween Party. It was great. We got so many compliments on our costumes, especially the Queen who was fully in character most of the night. We did some Trick or Treating, watching the Sanderson Sisters show, and watched the Boo-to-You parade.

It was a great weekend and now that we have Annual Passes I look forward to being able to explore different parts of the park that we always seem to miss.

Now off to pack all of the bags for school and work tomorrow---4 day week!

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