Monday, February 25, 2013

::Get Fit:: Week 1

(Note: Since all of my workout trackers are on a calendar week M-F, this post is for last week's workouts)

This week is the first week where I can actually say I made a solid effort to get out there and work out. It feels so good to be on track to getting fit and toning up. I ran once on my own and my sister joined me for the second run. She is going to be racing in the Half Marathon with me in November so we are helping each other get back in the groove.

Both runs were two miles, each better than the one before. My goal is to get to a 10:00/mile pace before increasing mileage, this week I averaged 12:12 per mile. 

Plan for next week:
  • Run 3 times, 2 miles each run. Hoping to get my pace into the 11's
  • Saturday morning yoga
  • Eat a little healthier than I have been (although making a homemade chocolate cake today may not have been the best idea to facilitate this goal :-) ! )
I didn't weigh myself this week but I did take "before" pictures. I'm not confident enough to post those just yet...maybe once I get back in shape and I have awesome "after" pictures I'll share (here's hoping).

Also, I added my Daily Mile widget in the sidebar of my blog for those that want to follow along.

I have seen on Pinterest tons of these "at home work out plans" like this one:

Has anyone found any of these to be worthwhile? I've never been one to workout at home but I was thinking that these might be worth exploring. If you have one you love, please share!

Did anyone out there have a productive week? Any tips or pointers you'd like to share?

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great week!

Mere :-)

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  1. I do this one when I can't get to the gym. I definitely feel the wall sits!

    When I got back into working out I would do a half an hour of cardio (walking, running, biking, etc) and then I would do these daily workouts and then built them up. It helped me to have the structure of knowing what to do, but not doing the same thing every day. I slowly added more reps and more weights until I got into my own routine. I didnt always do them on the corresponding day of the week, but I would do them in order. It also helped because I planned four work outs and three rest days until I got into a set routine. I saw results but didnt feel overwhelmed.